Quality Policy Statement
The Laboratory’s Management System policies related to quality, including a quality policy statement, are defined as follows; This Quality Policy is issued under the authority of AV-Consulting Quality Manager. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of calibration and testing services in compliance with the governing standards of this industry and ISO/IEC 17025 and demonstrate compliance by third party’s through, client audits, internal audits, management reviews and an effective corrective action system. It is laboratory management’s commitment to maintain good laboratory practices and good professional practice of our testing and calibration services to our clients. It is the policy of this laboratory that calibrations and services shall always be carried out in accordance with stated standardized methods and/or our client’s requirements. It is a requirement that all staff concerned with test and calibration activities within the laboratory familiarizes themselves with the quality documentation and implement these policies and procedures.

Quality Commitment Statement
AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory is legally responsible for the laboratory.
It is the policy of AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory to conform to comply with the Accredited Body Rules and Guidelines en Policy and the requirements of ISO-17025. The Laboratory Management System applies to the work carried out in the laboratory’s permanent facilities located at Benedenberg 100A, 2861 LH Bergambacht.

Quality Statement Conflict of Interest
The laboratory has a well-defined and documented organizational structure in order to identify potential conflicts of interest and prevent an involvement or influence on the testing activities of the laboratory as described in QP-022 an QP-020.
Through organizational structure and policy, the Laboratory ensures that its management and personnel are free from any undue internal and external commercial, financial and other pressures and influences that may adversely affect the quality of their work.

Quality Statement on Confidentiality, Confidence, Integrity and Protection
The Laboratory ensures the protection of its customers’ confidential information and proprietary, including procedures for protection the electronic storage and transmission results as defined in rights with the use of the WI-012 (Non-Disclosure Agreement Procedure) and QP-007 (Ensuring Confidentiality During Visits), QP-003 (Control of Data Document), QP-013 (Storing and Protection of Document) and QP-023 (Document Control). The Laboratory policy is to avoid involvement in any activities that would diminish confidence in its competence, impartiality, judgment or operational integrity.

Quality Statement on Ethics and Business Conduct
The laboratory has a procedure of code Ethics and Business Conduct (QP-020 Procedure Code Ethics and Business Conduct.
The laboratory has a procedure for Whistleblower and Protection Policy (QP-021-Procedure for Whistleblower and Protection Policy).

Quality Statement on Management System
The laboratory has established, implemented and maintains a Laboratory Management System appropriate to the scope of its activities. The Laboratory Management System documents its policies, systems, programs, procedures and work instructions to the extent necessary to assure the quality of the test results. System documentation is communicated to, understood by, available to, and implemented by the appropriate personnel. The relevant documents are listed in EIR-013 (Records and Documents List) on the companies server.
The CEO, in conjunction with the Quality Manager and supported by the Staff of AV-Consulting defines the management structure of the AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory and the relationship between quality management, technical operations and support service.
The Quality Manager specifies the responsibility, authority and interrelationships of all personnel who manage, perform or verify work affecting the quality of the tests and/or calibrations.The Laboratory Manager, acting as Quality Manager, irrespective of other duties and responsibilities, has the responsibility and authority for ensuring that the management system related to quality is implemented and followed at all times. The Laboratory Manager has direct access to the highest level of management at which decisions are made on laboratory policy or resources.

Quality Statement on Management Commitment and Endorsement
Executive Management Team and CEO endorses the Quality Manual en is committed to the development and implementation of the management system and to continually improving its effectiveness through the QP-010, Internal Audits and Management Responsibilities. The CEO, management and Staff commits to the Quality Procedures of Quality Manual.

Quality Statement on Ensuring Compliance
The Quality Manager has responsibility and authorization for technical management within the laboratory quality system. The Quality Manager has responsibility and authorization within the laboratory quality system. These responsibilities and authorization are included in the job descriptions and Quality Procedures and include ensuring compliance with this standard, ISO/IEC17025 and other relevant documents from Accredited Bodies and relevant International Standard (IEC/ISO/DIN/NEN). The Quality Manager has responsibility to ensure that the integrity of the management system is maintained when changes to the management system are planned and implemented. All changes to the management system are generated in accordance with QP-03 (Control of Data) and QP-014 (Document Control).

Quality Statement on Prevention of use of invalid documents
All documents issued to personnel in the laboratory as part of the management system are reviewed and approved for use by authorized personnel prior to issue. A master list identifying the current revision status and distribution of documents in the management system is established and readily available in the the QM directory EIR-013 on the companies server to prevent the use of invalid and/or obsolete documents.

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