Organisatie van het lab

1.1.1. AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory is incorporated as an private company B.V. and performs calibrations under the trade name AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory in Zuid-Holland and is headquartered in Bergambacht, Benedenberg 100A, 2861LH The Netherlands. Our business plan details the specifics of our corporation. Dutch law is required for all disputes concerning the activities and calibrations of AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory, the parties that do business with AV-Consulting shall agree about Bergambacht The Netherlands as exclusive places of venue.

1.1.2. AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory is committed to conducting testing and calibration services that satisfy our customer requirements and the requirements of ISO 17025. This is guaranteed in the Quality Commitment and Quality Statement QP-023

1.1.3. The management system as outlined within this quality manual applies and will be followed regardless of where services are rendered (on or offsite).

1.1.4. AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory provides  calibration services and is committed to providing reliable, unbiased test results and interpretations. We are an independent laboratory with strict procedures on Managing Conflicts of Interest (QP-022), Code Ethics and Business
Conduct (QP-020), Whistleblower and Protection (QP-021) and Quality Commitment and Quality Statement QP-023.

1.1.5. AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratories personnel
a) The managerial and technical personnel have the authority and resources to carry out their duties; including implementing, maintaining, and improving this management system (site org. charts, budgets, workload metrics and capital plans). The managerial and technical personnel are committed to identifying departures from this management system, calibration procedures and customer requirements.
b) Policy: Although AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory is committed to making reasonable attempts to prevent and minimize such departures, we recognize that departures will occasionally occur. Therefore, it is our policy that any departures shall be explicitly documented and promptly reported to the appropriate parties. AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory recognizes the risk that personnel may be subjected to commercial, financial, scheduling, and other pressures that may influence their quality of work. Therefore, employees are not permitted to accept gifts or gratuities from clients with a determinable monetary value exceeding 100 euro. This could be made up of 1 gift or of several gifts from one product supplier in one calendar year (as recorded in internal gift register). Furthermore, AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory employees are not permitted to work for another calibration lab, they are bound to the Quality Procedure for Managing Conflicts Of Interest (QP-022). AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and will not tolerate any form of bribery or coercion that would compromise the integrity of our calibration and/or test results. Any undue pressures shall be promptly reported to top management ore trustee as described in the procedures Code Ethics and Business Conduct (QP-020), Whistleblower and Protection (QP-021), Quality Commitment and Quality Statement QP-023 and Managing Conflicts of Interest (QP-022). Since there is no practical means of completely insulating our employees from these pressures, the following policies shall be applied in situations where undue pressure affects the quality of work.
i. If undue pressure exists, employees are encouraged to submit a written complaint to the quality manager or contact the trustee in applicable. As described in Code Ethics and Business Conduct (QP-020) and QP-006 outlines the general formal procedure to be followed when handling complaints and/or concerns.
ii. In the unlikely circumstance that laboratory personnel deliberately compromise the quality and integrity of their work, the individual will be held accountable for such conduct as deemed appropriate by lab management.
c) AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory understands the confidential and proprietary nature of our customer’s materials, processes and information. It is our policy to protect each customer’s information by honoring confidentiality agreements. QP-007: Ensuring Confidentiality during Visits outlines the procedure for ensuring and maintaining customer confidentiality.
d) AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory is committed to the highest ethical and quality standards. Not only is the management system outlined within this quality manual evidence of our commitment, but also our actions demonstrate these values. QP-020 Procedure Code Ethics and Business Conduct outlines the procedure for ensuring this. AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory has an procedure to prevent any kind of undo as described in QP-021-Procedure for Whistleblower and Protection Policy. Commitment is made by management and CEO as stated in QP-023 Quality Commitment and Quality Statement. Communication of New documents by are don by the Management System Change Notification (QP-008) using the change notification form FO-006.
e) Refer to section 4.1.1 of this quality manual for a definition of the organization. The structure is outlined in the following organizational chart.
f) ISO designated roles are defined in the organizational chart. Each role has the authority to oversee testing and calibration activities and is required to verify results and ensure the overall quality of work.
g) AV-Consulting Calibration Laboratory management team has over 50 years of combined experience in testing. All personnel, including trainees, are under the direct supervision of, and supported by, the management team and/or their designated consultants.
h) The designated technical manager (is this case the CEO) is responsible for technical operations and plans the appropriate resources in the business plan or other appropriate budgets.
i) The quality manager, calibration engineers (and technical manager and deputy, when appropriate, are identified in the organizational chart.
j) The CEO shall act as the deputy of the quality manager when applicable. Two interchangeable calibration engineers ensure continuity of the laboratories work.
k) Additions and changes to the management system are disseminated to laboratory personnel through the QP-008: Management System Change Notification Process. The effectiveness of the management system is evaluated through the management review process outlined in (section 4.15), the complaint handling process (section 4.8) and through the corrective action process (section 4.11).

1.1.6. The CEO and Quality Manager ensures appropriate communication within the laboratory by means of formal and informal work meetings. Work instructions are issued for example WI-003 Electronic Data Interchange, WI-004 Non-Disclosure and WI-012 Work instruction for Managing Conflicts Of Interest. Procedures are outline on QP-020 Procedure Code Ethics and Business Conduct, QP-021-Procedure for Whistleblower and Protection Policy QP-022 Managing Conflicts of Interest. Communication on new documents is done using FO-006: Change Notification and Review Record.

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Wij verzorgen onafhankelijke kalibratie van geluidsmeter, trillingsmeters, microfoons, sensoren etc. De resultaten zijn herleidbaar naar internationale standaard


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